About Pure Inc

Pure Inc is all about Energy, Solar & Water!  We work with you on your terms, your best interest is our best interest.  Pure Inc's growing and diverse portfolio includes Commercial and Residential electricity and Natural Gas, Residential and Commercial Solar Power, Whole Home Water Treatment, Water Softeners, Water Purification and more.

Pure Inc started over 10 years ago as an energy brokerage serving commercial and residential customers across the US. We have since expanded into Solar and Whole Home Water treatment.  It's founders and leaders have a unique and extensive history dating back to the 1990’s and the start of deregulation in both the United States and Canada.  Experience that started with Direct to the Consumer sales to executive leadership of Publicly Traded Companies to creating our own platform to drastically benefit our clients, the end using consumer and to dramatically improve the individuals lives we work with. We are very proud to work with, partner, and represent many of the top-rated Retail Electricity Providers, Solar Providers, Water Treatment Companies, and all the amazing people we employ across the entire US.

Our Trusted Partners